Training in "small satellites" accessible to all

INISAT is a consortium of higher education establishments, initiated by CNES, whose mode of operation is open, collaborative and democratic. Each partner brings its know-how and skills to further education and training in nano-satellites.

An INISAT member is thus a desire for educational innovation, research and excellence.

Project display

All Easy-Space actions are part of the total synergy and complementarity of the INISAT consortium. Easy-Space works with and in favor of all members of this consortium.
INISAT is an educational initiative, officially launched by CNES on June 19, 2019. It originated in the interest shown by many teachers for educational kits that already exist and were tested during 2017 and 2018.

After evaluations, the universities and schools that took part in this study unanimously agreed to develop their own educational material, 100% French and 100% open-source, this in no way excluding international partnerships (which are even sought, particularly in the framework of the “Espace Solidaire” initiative promoted and encouraged by the C.N.E.S).
Thus was born the INISAT project, which aims to democratize all educational activities relating to nanosatellites (from physics through engineering, technical achievements, integration, to testing and operations) to as many people as possible. of students.